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The Drone Revolution

Skyy Network is helping countries transform logistics, transport, and economies by enabling access to the sky.

Making lives easier, timelier, healthier, and wealthier.

Our Vision

Bringing about the Drone Revolution
by creating the Operating System of the sky.

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Build your safe skyways and manage your skies securely while safeguarding your national security.
Improve your national productivity by cutting down transport and delivery costs, making your businesses more competitive.
Reduce congestion and pollution in your cities.
Connect your smaller cities and even villages to the national and world economy.
Attract the world's best and most innovative companies to boost your national economy.
Create an ecosystem for your tech champions to experiment, add value and thrive.
Test new business models and export them to the rest of the world.
Be at the forefront of the new data economy, in full respect of your citizens' privacy rights.
Make sure your emergency medical deliveries reach their destination by drone delivery in the quickest and safest possible manner, to save lives.
Increase your capacity to quickly reach disaster areas and accident sites.
Monitor your critical infrastructure.
Monetise traffic in your skyways to pay for your new drone traffic management system and fund other national priorities.

The Way forward

The Operating System
of the sky

The task of integrating large numbers of commercial drone flights into the existing rules for managing traffic in our skies is a huge one. Drone traffic has the potential to be dense, pilots are not co-located with the drone, and automation brings opportunity only if impeccably managed: if things go wrong, consequences can be dire. The existing Air Traffic Management system is stretched as it is, it relies on direct human input, and it is not ready, nor called upon, in its current state, to coordinate both manned aircraft and myriad drones.

Skyy Network helps governments create, implement and monitor, in partnership with industry, the highway code for tomorrow's infrastructure in the sky: a wholistic, turnkey solution for high density drone traffic management, the Operating System of tomorrow's busy skies.

An Operating System where there is a single set of rules, with full government authority where that is the case, but the responsibility for applying them is decentralized to government-approved service providers united in a highly secured Network.

An Operating System allowing its participants to jointly and constantly update a single state of truth for the sky, to be used as the single reference and information support for traffic management by all participants.

Our Operating System includes four modules: Flight Information Management System (FIMS), Policy & Regulatory, Economics and Risk Management.

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What the future holds in store

Unlock the Drone Revolution, with all its benefits for national productivity and embrace revolutionary new business models!

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Allowing high-density Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flights, which today are exceptionally difficult to approve, and therefore very rare.

Creating the pathway to flight automation, by allowing one remote pilot to manage large numbers of drones at the same time, and therefore for businesses to scale and be price-efficient.

Creating the key building block for urban air mobility, i.e. passenger transport by drone.

Our Partners

We are proud and thankful to our partners for the trust they had shown in our company and their involvement in the drone revolution